My One-Year Anniversary

My nurse started this month’s infusion of Gamunex. While I rarely post or write about my personal life, I did remember that I began my monthly PID infusions one-year ago in March of 2019. I am so grateful for my immunologist, Dr. Philipp, and all the nurses who’ve given me infusions or checked in on me once a week. I set up an altar for every infusion and give thanks to all the blood donors who contributed to making this blood magic . . . the G Globulins that give me life and protection so I can, once again, move into the world with less danger.

Image by John S. Banks

I had the opportunity recently to facilitate a personal ritual for a young woman going through a major life-move. As she and her close friends created a web of golden thread as a symbol of our connection to one another, I shared my daily prayer consecrating this web of life that she would carry with her . . .

Great Mother
Thank you for this day
For my life
My strand on the web
Keep me in tune
in harmony
with your purpose
Let me serve.

As I continue the process of healing and, with grace, open doors that have been closed for many years, this continues to be my heart-felt intention.

For family, friends, sisters, brothers who have given so much to me over the years, you have filled the chalice of my heart and life with hope in the darkest hours these past years. By the power of three times three, I wish you all and more, that you’ve given to me.

Love & Blessings, Xia

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